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A. Canadian values

Canada is a distinctive country. Its values and way of life influence every person who comes to live there. At the same time, newcomers influence Canada and its collective iden­tity. Canadians may have differences, but they share many important qualities that strengthen the society.

Optimism.Canada is a dynamic and democratic coun­try. Canadians work to improve their lives and society. Some people face greater hardship than others, but most Cana­dians have faith and hope for the future.

Compromise and Cooperation.Most Canadians un­derstand the value of compromise. In a country as large and diverse as Canada, people must be able to ignore small conflicts in order to live happily and peacefully.

Acceptance, Tolerance and Respect.Most people in Canada want fairness and justice for themselves and their families. And most are fair and just to others, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Some people may tell you that there is no racism in Canada. Others may say that racism is a very serious problem. The truth lies somewhere between. Some Canadi­ans may make you feel unwelcome. However, the majority of Canadians are fair-minded. They will accept and re­spect anyone who accepts and respects them.

Ambition and Perseverarice*.Canadians understand that effort and discipline are usually rewarded. Canada is an economically stable country. However, unemployment and poverty exist and can affect anyone. People who were born in Canada - as well as newcomers - compete for jobs and work hard to succeed.

Individualism. Canadians believe that each person is responsible for his or her own success or failure. Canadi­ans let people live as they wish, as long as they do not limit how others live.

Civil Responsibility.Canadians appreciate their rights and freedoms. Most also want to contribute to the society. As anewcomer you should be aware of your rights and your responsibilities. The right to participate in Canadian society implies an obligation to help it succeed.

Ex. 1. Answer the following questions.

1. Find in the beginning of the text the term “collective identity”.

What does it mean?

2. The Canadians share many important qualities. What for?

3. Name optimistic features of Canadians.

4. Why Canadians try to ignore small conflicts?

5. Is there racism in Canada?

6. What do Canadians think of effort and discipline?

7. What does the right to participate in Canadian society imply?

B. Symbols of Canada